About Clicker

Clicker was founded, and is operated, by several veteran Internet Advertising and Internet Search entrepreneurs. Each founding partner of Clicker has previously been involved at an executive level at other Internet and Online Media companies with some of the partners successfully creating, growing and then selling companies before joining Clicker. Clicker was formed to take advantage of each partner's unique experience and set of skills in the online industry.

We operate information rich, user friendly websites that provide free tools and guides to their users. We develop websites internally as well as acquire websites which provide content in a focused niche. Clicker owns and operates a number of smaller, but highly targeted websites in a variety of different industry verticals such as Technology, Government, News and Environmental. Our objective is to own and operate websites with highly relevant, original content that adds value to our users and brings them back time and time again. This is why a material percentage of our web traffic is from direct navigation from return visitors. Many of our sites have loyal followings.

As a result of each website concentrating in a very specific niche, Clicker is able to deliver highly targeted and highly converting traffic to its advertisers. Our advertisers experience conversion rates well above industry averages because the traffic they receive from our websites is comprised of visitors who are already highly interested in the products and services they offer.

While some companies rely solely on paid traffic to generate the majority of their traffic, our traffic mix is spread evenly among direct navigation, paid search traffic and organic search engine traffic. Having an even mix of traffic to our sites means we are not solely reliant on any one source of traffic. It also gives us the ability to work with different sources of traffic to find the optimum mix for our advertisers.

We have extensive experience in generating quality paid traffic from Search Engine Management (SEM) techniques with all of the industry's major search engine companies. We are also able to grow our sites' traffic through white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

If you are interested in finding out more about Clicker or you wish to contact us for any other reason, please visit our Contact Us page.