About Clicker

Clicker was founded, and is operated, by several veteran Internet Advertising and Internet Search entrepreneurs. Each founding partner of Clicker has previously been involved at an executive level at other Internet and Online Media companies with some of the partners successfully creating, growing and then selling companies before joining Clicker. Clicker was formed to take advantage of each partner's unique experience and set of skills in the online industry.

Sell Your Website

In addition to internally developing web properties, we acquire small to medium size websites with high quality, original content in targeted niches or industry verticals. Several of our most popular websites were acquired from independent web developers. We will look at websites from any industry other than sites that promote violence, guns, pornography, hate speech or intolerance.

Our Partners

Over the past five years, we have worked with many of the industry leaders in online search and online advertising. We have long relationships with many of our partners which allows us to take full advantage of the resources they offer.